about YOSHI²

YOSHI2 is an instructor and dance composer of Jazz Dance, did arrangement of live concert, promotion video, TV commercials. (worked with B’z, Southern All Stars, CHARA, Takashi Fujii, MAX, SPEED, etc.)

2002 – encountered with Tahitian Dance. While adhering to the traditional Tahiti dance style, YOSHI2 created her original style, and participated in a lot of dance competition and won several prize.

2006 – YOSHI2 self-organized “VAHINE TOA URA” and started Tahiti Dance Show at 『LOCO’S TABLE MAHANA』 in Ebisu, Tokyo.

2007 – In order to meet wonderful “Les Grands Ballets de Tahiti ”, YOSHI2 visited Tahiti alone and greatly influenced and enchanted by the real Tahiti dance. “Les Grands Ballets de Tahiti ” is a group that YOSHI2 most admired/respected.

2008 – Now based on the valuable experience in Tahiti, YOSHI2 perform Tahiti dance with the member of “VAHINE TOA URA” every Thursday evening at 『LOCO’S TABLE MAHANA』 and their performance is still getting better and better,

Compared to other group of Tahiti dance performer, YOSHI2 perform minute stage which delicately showed-up stage and attracts lots of people whether they are into dance or not. Now her performance is getting more popular among audience.

Every time YOSHI2’s “VAHINE TOA URA” shows different approach which comes from their various repertory and those who watched their dance get addicted and comes to watch the show again and again.